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“The feelings of comfort or discomfort are entirely subjective, and of themselves meaningless, until they are attached to an expectation of an imagined outcome. Want to feel ease and flow instead of the roller coaster of conflict and contrast? Then release your attachment to what you expect will happen. Sounds easy, but it takes practice.”

So begins Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable by Adam M Lamb. But what does a practice of releasing expectations looks like exactly? Pick up the little book of letting go that holds the promise of facilitating some big changes in your life.

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Poignant, raw and real, this is a a collection of poems written about the angst and joy of being a member of the human race. Love, Loss, Joy, Pain and ultimately Redemption are themes explored; the words stripped clean with bare to the bones honesty, Adam M Lamb revels in the brutality of the language and explores the real meaning of Profanity – that any word, or collection of words when corrupted by judgement can be truly profane.