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What was your expereince of Adam's guidance?
Phillip Lewitski

Adam is so easy to work with, I feel comfortable and fully heard. I feel that there isn’t anything I could ever bring up that would shock him and that we couldn’t figure out solutions to. That gives me a lot of peace of mind. I am so grateful for the relationship I have with him not only as an awakening coach but as a human being

Glenda Lane

What I love the most about Adam is his big heart, his radical self-honesty/responsibility and his willingness to always speak about the elephant in the room, the thing that we are all feeling but don't want to talk about. He is a compassionate truth seeker who embraces all and excludes none. I feel very blessed to have Adam in my life and to be on this journey expanding forward together.

Holly Ziegel Ruxin

Adam Lamb is one of the most remarkable human beings that I have ever met. And definitely one of the most remarkable men I have ever met. He is extraordinary in his in his ability to be real and human. When interacting with someone who is so accomplished and so strong physically and mentally, who is able and willing to be open and vulnerable, it is a powerful combination. As a woman who has always tended to the more masculine side, getting to know Adam has been particularly influential, fun, and inspiring, as he teaches me how to exist in a world where masculine men can also show their feminine in a beautiful way. That gives me permission to do the same, and my life has been better ever since, in every way imaginable. Working with Adam, puts one on their path to their wildest dreams and more.

Greg Barnhill

There is nothing that could happen that Adam hasn’t already seen, worked through and helped others achieve success in any situation. If you’re looking to find a way to be more present at work and at home, have less stress and be a highly effective leader, I recommend taking Adam’s class.

Chris Hill - Author, Speaker, 2X TedX Presenter

Adam, whether in his writing, on the podcast, on stage or in person brings a fire and passion that is rare.